“Garage” Wine Bar

Some time ago “Bergs Bazaar” was hosting a somewhat a garage, or a stable, but now these premises are occupied by a stylish wine bar “Garage” with excellent cellar and well-versed in wine customers.

Located in between of a hotel, boutiques and posh galleries, the “Garage” wine bar stands out to be lot more democratic. It will definitely keep you entertained starting with Zaiga Gaile’s award-winning interior, furniture, fine light and easy breakfasts, lunches, cocktails and ending up with the guests – hipster looking boys, poetic Riga blondes, intelligentsia and politicians. This is probably one of the best places to go to when you just arrived to Riga for couple days vacation.

The seasonal menu is changed twice a day on weekdays and every day on weekends. The menu isn’t large, but the food is fresh and mainly local, prepared in an open kitchen.

You will enjoy many of those progressive events held there, but make sure check the schedule on the website in advance.


Enjoy fresh omelettes, toast, fresh salads, cheeses or make your own request to our cooks to give you strength for the day ahead. Browse the internet using our Wi-Fi connection or read a magazine whilst enjoying a cup of good coffee or Kusmi tea. A friendlier relaxed way to start your day.

Breakfast is available from 10:00–11:00


A great selection of salads, soups and main courses that change every day. Feel free to ask our chef at the open kitchen to create your favourite salad! Quick, fresh and healthy! Wines and fresh juices make the perfect accompaniment to your lunch! Perfect for informal meetings or for you to enjoy some private quality time, alone or with a partner or colleague.

Lunch is available from 11:00–15:00


Enjoy a glass of wine from Europe or the New World together with our traditional and modern tapas. What better way to spend an hour before dinner or a trip to the Opera, theatre or cinema?

Aperitifs are available from 15:00 –18:00


Our fresh and tailor-made menu is a perfect way end to your busy day. Enjoy fresh salads, our special soups or a selection of delicious main dishes or desserts. Our menu changes every day and is inspired by our chef to ensure that you always get the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our bestseller is a selection of tapas. Relaxing and friendly ambience, light music and good wines.

Dinner is available from 18:00–22:00


E-mail: info@vinabars.lv