Ostas Skati

The best bit of the restaurant Oskas Skati (The Scenes of the Port) is a fabulous view on Riga from another side of the Daugava river opening up right on the Riga Port and Marina with yachts, as well as a breathtaking Old Town.

Despite the fact of a prime-location, it is actually a rather affordable restaurant with democratic pricing on food and drinks. The atmosphere is also quite relaxed and sometimes you may be even greeted by the place co-owner himself.

Summer terrace on the bank of the river is another highlight of the place and allows you to take great photos, as well as enjoy the sea breeze and marine atmosphere.

Getting there on foot may be a bit of a mission, especially if you reside on the other side of the river, however calling a cab in Riga is very easy, so it won’t be difficult of expensive. The other romantic way of getting there could be by a boat – one of those wooden ones, floating down the City Canal. Grab one by the National Opera or Stockman Shopping Mall stop and ask a driver to drop you down by the Ostas Skati.