Vilnius AK47 and Guns Shooting Range Experience

Since we are big boys now guys, we can get hold of the real stuff – like shooting the guns! And what a better place for that than Vilnius. Our excellent shooting session tests your manhood and hand using Glock pistol-gun, a pump shotgun and the all-time favourite: the mighty Kalashnikov automatic gun or AK47!


On the Day, you are picked up (self-guided tours are available too) by a mini-bus with your tour guide by the hotel and taken to the shooting range. Once there, you’ll receive all necessary equipment (ear-defenders, etc.) and instructors will take you through the safety briefing, explaining basics and techniques of firing these bad boys. After instructors are confident that you are clear about everything and you understand the important stuff, you can proceed to shoot the targets, that can vary from made of paper to bottles.

Groups can usually have two shooters at the same time, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to be simply standing around and watching. In the end, you’ll have a photo-shoot session with guns and trophies, and be allowed to take the paper targets back to show everybody your skills!

Are you ready to take the chance to shoot it out and find who is the best and who is doing the bar run all night, boys?


a) Glock pistol gun (10 shots*)
b) AK47 “Kalashnikov” machine gun (5 shots*)
c) Shotgun (5 shots*)
d) Magnum Revolver (Dirty Harry style) – the strongest of them all is available by request**.
*You can purchase extra bullets at any time.
**You can go for other extra weapons (e.g. Sniper Rifle) at any time.


a) Return transfer to/from the hotel
c) Safety training
d) Shooting Instructor
e) English-speaking guide
f) Safety equipment


Door to door: ~ 2 hours.
Average transfer time: 15-20 mins


10+ persons – group discount available


From: 48 EUR per person


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Rating: 4.9 – ‎69 reviews
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  • This is a must in Vilnius. The guide is very professional and friendly. We chose the basic package and decided to add a sniper rifle which was well worth it. Myself and my friends are visiting Vilnius again in November and will defiantly be shooting guns again!

  • Good Organisation… Irena and the Guide were very polite and nice… We were satisfied..Thank you