Czech Pub “Sveiks, Švejk”

Czech Pub “Sveiks, Švejk”, or “Hi, Švejk” in English, is practically the only place of its kind in Riga where you can taste traditional Czech cuisine and beverages. It also has a sister-pub in Prague.

Its cozy interior in the “good old Austro-Hungarian” style creates a unique atmosphere that most possibly wanted to convey in his book “Good Soldier Schweik” Jaroslav Hasek, in whose honor this pub was named. Tasty Czech cuisine with dishes made from grandmother’s cookbook, complements the rest.

Czech cuisine like any Central European cuisines is famous for its dishes like bread or fruit dumplings, various kinds of soups, sauces, many potato dishes, sausages and cakes. And of course kitchen of “Sveiks, Švejk” is offering roasted pork with dumplings and sauerkraut “sauerkraut”, potato pancakes and famous apple strudels. But don’t get too excited about food, as a small dinner might very quickly become a massive feast!

Besides great Czech cuisine here you will also find various Czech drinks – primarily beer “Staropramen” or “Kozel’, as well as first-class wine and famous Czech herbal drink “Becherovka” from Karlovy Vary. And most importantly prices for all this are not that high. We really enjoyed this place.



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  • Food is OK, beer is great but service ruined everything. Probably we went there wrong day (it was December near to Christmas) and restaurant staff had team building event that day but it looked very unprofessional when drunk manager (or even owner) - nice looking thin blonde woman if her mid-fifties - mixed orders, disturbed us with stupid talks and tried to let us to pay for never ordered food. So never again.