Riga TV Tower

Riga Television Tower (Rigas Radio un Televizijas Tornis in Latvian) is the highest building in the region and third highest TV tower in Europe. Built in 1980s, it is 368,00 m (1,207.33 ft) above the sea level. This is 3 m higher than the famous Berlin TV tower or 47 m higher than the Eiffel tower in Paris.

At the heights of 93 m there used to be “Veja Roze” (Rose of Wind) restaurant. Unfortunatelly, it was closed during 2000s. However the TV tower is still operating and is completing a magnificent panoramic view of Riga.

Riga TV Tower is located on Zakusala Island. This building wouldn’t be out of place in any film, and from its observation deck which is located at the height of 97m, you can enjoy panoramic views of Riga, the distant Latvian countryside and the Baltic Sea. In the good weather Riga Gulf, Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant and even Sigulda can be seen.

The design of the tower was commissioned by the Soviet State Communication Design Institute and was finally completed in 1986.

The basement of this, the world’s 11th highest tower, is 27 metres deep. Riga’s extreme temperature variations (a 65 degrees Celsius range in 2010) can move the tip of the tower by 2.4 metres!

Zaķusalas krastmala 1
Rīga, LV-1050


Phone number: +37167108600, +37167108500
Phone number for tours: +37167108643

Observation deck working Hours

Spring and summer season (15 May to 30 September): 10am-8pm every day, including weekends and public holidays;
Autumn and winter season (1 October to 14 May): 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday.
Group excursions are also accepted on weekends and public holidays.

Entry prices

Adults: 3.70 EUR
Pensioners: 2 EUR
Children: 1.20 EUR
Professional filming: 15 EUR

Getting here

To get to the Rīga Radio and Television Tower, take a number 19 or 24 trolley bus to the “Zaķusala” stop, which is located on the Salu Bridge. The tower is a 20 minute walk from the bus stop. It is possible to park buses and private cars at the tower car park.