Wok to Walk

“Wok to Walk” – a world famous eatery chain of asian fast-food from Netherlands is walking down the planet and thinking it would be a great idea to move to Riga opened its Latvian branch in 2012 quickly becoming a popular spot amongst locals.

If didn’t have a chance to visit this place in London, Amsterdam, Lisbon or even Bogota before we’ll briefly take you through what it is. The menu is focused on giving you a maximum freedom of choosing various ingredients for your special Wok mix. It consists of base (rise, various noodles – all with fresh veggies and eggs), meat (chicken, beef, pork, prawns, calamari, duck, tofu etc.), additional ingredients (like bell pepper, shitake, Indian nuts, broccoli, Cashew nuts, Pak choi, pineapple, bamboo shoots etc.) and wide range of savory sauces (* since we like our Woks hot & spicy, then our favorites would be “Saigon” and “Bangkok” sauces, but for those who prefers their noodles milder we’d recommend “Tokyo” and “Hong Kong” sauces).

After you follow this “3 steps” process, your mix is placed on a hot wok. That’s when you watch your selection is cooked right before your eyes (and we must say that it can be quite a fire-show!), then chief calls out your name and voila! That is… Kŏr hâi jà-rern aahăan! (“May you have good food” in Thai)

Even though interior of the place may seem quite casual and seem more “take-away” rather than “walk-in”, the whole concept of “Wok to Walk” is definitely tailored to highlight tasty & high quality food, even if you’re not into Asian cuisine peculiarities.

While waiting for your food, pay attention at their chefs – every single of them is a true master of “Wok art”. The food itself is also a healthier alternative to most of the fast-food options available in Riga, so if you don’t have much time and it feels like you need something fresh, wholesome and good for your budget – definitely check out the place. Plus it is in the town centre and right by the Old Town.